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Association of Authors and Publishers COPYRIGHT POLSKA

a Polish collective management organization

New technologies, computerization, digitization, tablets, smartphone, blogs… The new digital reality, which is having an increasing impact on all kinds of text and image works, may appear complex and difficult to understand to creators of intellectual property.

There is a growing need among copyright holders for efficient state-of-the-art protection systems and a corresponding demand among users of intellectual property for legal access to copyrighted content in both the analogue and digital worlds.

The Association of Authors and Publishers COPYRIGHT POLSKA, as a collective management organization representing the interests of publishers and creators in the text-and-image sector, continues to successfully handle these challenges (see the Authors and Publishers sections).

However, we do not stop at fulfilling our role as a collective management organisation. As a unique organisation in the Polish book market, bringing together both book and press publishers as well as individual authors, we take a position on every issue related to intellectual property and to the markets in which our members play a part.

We are active not only in Poland, but also on the international arena. Owing to our membership in the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO), we can influence solutions adopted by the European Union and the World International Property Organization (WIPO).

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