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1. Copyright Polska’s legislative involvement

Copyright Polska participates in consultations of draft legislation in the area of copyright and other areas affecting the rights of authors and publishers.

In 2011, Copyright Polska had a major impact on the revision of the ordinance of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage which specifies the equipment levies paid by producers and importers on account of the sale of reprographic devices and carriers, which resulted in a significant increase in the amounts collected for the benefit of authors and publishers.

In 2013 and 2014, Copyright Polska took part in the proceedings of the Copyright Forum, a platform for debate on the Polish copyright framework organised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In 2015, Copyright Polska was involved in the consultations of draft legislation amending the law on copyright and introducing ordinances which eventually established the Polish Public Lending Right programme.

Currently, Copyright Polska is involved in the consultation of the draft law on collective management which sets out to transpose directive 2014/26/EU into Polish law.

Since 2014 Copyright Polska has been a member of the Creative Poland Association (Stowarzyszenie Kreatywna Polska), an alliance of persons, associations, NGOs, businesses and their organisations, creative and innovative industries united in the name of creating new and original values in culture.

2. Copyright Polska’s involvement in key projects for authors and publishers

  • Public Lending Right remunerations

Having submitted the winning tender, Copyright Polska was appointed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to divide and pay out Public Lending Right remunerations to authors and publishers from 2016 to 2020. All the PLR remunerations for the year 2015 had been paid out to rightsholders by the end of 2016.

Copyright Polska’s PLR website: https://plr.copyrightpolska.com.pl

  • Reprographic levies – collection and distribution

Copyright Polska has been collecting and distributing reprographic levies since 2003, when it was authorised to do so by the Minister of Culture. In this area, however, Copyright Polska acts only on behalf of publishers. Effective collection and efficient distribution of levies to publishers is acknowledged by authors, who also look forward to benefiting from Copyright Polska’s quality services.

Reprographic levy declarations: https://oplaty.copyrightpolska.pl/

  • Books in Print – manage your publications (for publishers)

Developed within the framework of the ARROW project, the Books in Print database is dedicated to creative milieus that have often struggled to obtain information about copyright holders, which prevented them from carrying out many valuable initiatives and publishing projects. The idea behind Books in Print is to assemble comprehensive publication metadata so as to facilitate rights management.

The Books in Print website: https://bop.copyrightpolska.com.pl/

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