środa, 28 września 2022

1. Agreements and letters of intent signed with foreign collective management organisations

  • on 15 March 2013 Copyright Polska signed a Type A bilateral agreement based on the applicable International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) template with Reprobel sccrl-bcvba (http://www.reprobel.be/en.html), a Belgian CMO in charge of collecting reprographic levies. This agreement of unlimited duration provides for the exchange of funds collected in the form of levies.

  • on 1 September 2015 Copyright Polska and Copyright Clearance Center Inc. (http://www.copyright.com), signed a contract of unlimited duration which may be considered as a contract for unilateral representation of the American CMO’s repertoire.

In addition to that, Copyright Polska has signed letters of intent with a view to concluding bilateral representation agreements with the following organisations:

2. International involvement and cooperation

  • Copyright Polska participates in the work of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) and is active in the International Authors Forum (IAF).

  • Representatives of Copyright Polska take part in the proceedings of several IFRRO forums and regional groups, including the European Group, Legal Issues Forum, Equipment Levies Forum and PLR Forum, and are involved in the activity of the European Development Committee in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Having successfully implemented and started to execute the Polish PLR programme, Copyright Polska supports the actions of IAF and of PLR International (https://www.plrinternational.com/) aimed at promoting PLR.

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